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Fredrik Lönnqvist

Dr. Fredrik Lönnqvist is a specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology. Fredrik received his doctorate at The Karolinska Institute, where he is still active as a researcher/associate professor.

He has broad medical, academic, life science, and laboratory experience from his more than 18 years as a physician and clinical and experimental researcher. He has a further 20 years of experience in industry focusing on research and clinical development of new drugs and medical nutrition, as well as business consulting.

Fredrik has international leadership experience from his positions as Global Chief Medical Officer for Nutricia/Danone, Nordic Medical Director for SB/GSK, VP Clinical Science at Biovitrum/SOBI. Over the years, he has been responsible for strategic portfolio management, and in doing so was involved in taking nine drug candidates and nutritional products from concept to market approval. Furthermore, Fredrik has previously sat on the board of directors at Oatly.

His therapeutic experience includes work with metabolism, diabetes, obesity, lifestyle diseases, nutrition, cardiovascular diseases, immunology, oncology and CNS. Dr. Lönnqvist has published around 80 scientific articles and has been a reviewer for several journals, including Nature Medicine, Lancet and Diabetologia.

Therese Hultberg

Therese is our registered nurse who can answer your health-related questions and provide useful information about how our tests work.

Therese has a background working in both general healthcare and the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), where she has encountered a wide range of medical scenarios.

Today, Therese's ICU-background,  as well as her specialist training, give Quicktest a professional perspective that ensures our customers recieve the quality products and support they need. Therese is always available to answer your questions.

Naturally, she works together with Dr. Fredrik Lönnqvist to provide you, our customer, with a sense of security that we at Quicktest are proud to provide.

Quicktest helps people every day to quickly, easily, and safely take control of their own health.

Traditional healthcare is struggling more than ever with overloaded facilities and long queues, while the demand for faster and safer healthcare solutions is increasing. A seemingly impossible equation. However, we at Quicktest see a great opportunity to improve people's health by developing and offering self-tests that provide answers within just a few minutes, making self-care more accessible. A health check should not be a time-consuming process.


Onlinezon Quicktest AB is a Swedish company based in Helsingborg. In addition to Sweden, Quicktest is also available in Norway, Denmark, and Finland. We have a strong drive for innovative medical technology products that can be used in the home for better health and increased well-being.

Today, we offer Sweden's widest range of IVD tests, self-tests that you perform at home which give immediate results. IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) is a proven technology that has been used daily in hospitals, health centers, and healthcare clinics for over 40 years. Thanks to IVD technology, diseases and other health conditions can be detected at an early stage.

We have self-testing kits for, among other things, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, women's health, fertility, and stomach health. We want to be clear, Quicktest does not prioritize offering the cheapest self-tests on the market; safety and reliability are the cornerstones of our business. Our aim is to enable more people to create a healthier life for themselves.


Our tests are CE-marked, which means that they meet all safety requirements from the EU medical technology regulation and the Swedish Medical Products Agency. All our products are developed and produced in Europe.


We take on our mission with steadfast conviction. At the same time, we are humbly receptive to the constant developments in the field of medical technology. We use researchers, doctors, and leading expertise to continuously develop and offer products that improve public health. Our approach makes us responsibly adaptable, which gives us both strength and humility. We call it our "Quicktest Pledge".


Our products are developed from science and research, along with the latest medical advances in IVD technology. Science is part of our DNA. It serves as the foundation upon which we build trust with all who use our products.  Science inspires our innovations and helps us achieve our passion for helping our fellow man. 


At Quicktest, well-being is our priority  - That's why we help you with everything from ordering to getting in touch with specialists if necessary.

For your safety and security, all texts have been reviewed and approved by a doctor and/or registered nurse. You can feel safe in knowing that we take your integrity in the highest regard. No personal data is ever disclosed or stored, neither by us nor by third parties.

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