Allergy test

An allergy test gives you answers

An allergy test detects whether your body is reacting to an allergen. Individuals with allergic sensitivity to various substances such as pollen, animal hair, feathers or certain foods have abnormally high levels of IgE (immunoglobulin E) antibodies.

This sensitivity can develop at different stages of life and can affect children, adolescents and adults. The most common symptoms are skin redness, rash, lacrimation, sneezing and edema. These symptoms can be confused with common signs of viral and bacterial infections such as flu and colds. It is therefore important to check for abnormally high IgE levels, especially if you have a family history of allergies. You can buy our popular allergy test here.

Why should I take an allergy test?

By determining that the immunoglobulin E level is higher than normal, the doctor can focus on a more specific investigation for the substances causing the allergic reaction and can prescribe a treatment adapted to the patient.

Many people suffer needlessly, the fact is that hypersensitivity is common, it is easy to get a clear answer and thus the possibility of an examination by an allergist.

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