Anti-spam Policy

Quicktest has a minimal approach to marketing via email. We believe in informing customers about important information as well as campaigns or other offers that may interest them. However, this contact is of course voluntary, and it is always easy as a customer to opt out of recieving these informative emails from us.

Quicktest will not send information, offers, or make any other contact with our customers if they choose to unsubscribe. This is something we respect 100%.

We believe in being ethical in our communication, and as such we respect those who choose not to receive emails or other notifications from us. We believe that this results in appreciation from our customers while also benefiting our brand.

Quicktest neither buys, rents, nor cooperates with companies that sell email addresses. If you receive an email from us, it is likely important information or an offer for a reduced price on a product or service.  You can always opt out of recieving offers from us, but important information will always be sent out as we do not compromise on your safety.

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