Can iron deficiency make you dizzy?

Yes, not getting enough iron can make you dizzy. Iron is incredibly important for the body to create blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts. When you suffer from iron deficiency, it can lead to many different symptoms and one of them is dizziness, especially when moving quickly from a sedentary to a standing position. Since the whole body is affected in such a serious way when the blood value goes down, dizziness can come for various reasons.

Is it really iron deficiency?

If you experience dizziness, it is important to establish that it is indeed iron deficiency. It is unnecessary to guess as you can quickly take an iron deficiency test to see what the situation is. If you are not deficient in iron but still feel dizzy, you should seek help as soon as possible. This does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from a dangerous disease. It could be as simple as not sleeping enough or not drinking enough. Dizziness can also be caused by infections, etc. Healthcare professionals often take a CRP test to check for infection or inflammation.

Do a simple self-test before ordering expensive supplements and buying more meat products. If it turns out that you actually have a lack of iron, there is good reason to believe that the dizziness is due to this, but even in this case it may be wise to contact a doctor and get a thorough health examination where you go through everything from physical symptoms to lifestyle.

If iron deficiency is diagnosed, it is also important to consider the quickest way to replenish the stores. This may also require a consultation with a dietician who will design a customized plan with food, supplements and lifestyle changes.

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