We are very proud and happy to present a CE-marked oxygen meter at Quicktest! But what is this device actually called? Is it an oxygen meter or is it an oximeter, pulse oximeter? We have chosen to call it "oxygen meter". However, the correct term is pulse oximeter as it also measures your heart rate.

We at Quicktest believe that an oxygen meter can become almost as common as a regular thermometer, the oxygen meter provides important information. If you have had pneumonia or other respiratory infections, you know how reduced oxygen uptake affects you. Oxygen uptake is often measured during contact with e.g. health centers and medical care. It is therefore an important marker for healthcare professionals.

You can buy an oxygen meter here.

In these corona times, we have received many questions about oxygen meters, many are concerned and we want to be clear that an oxygen meter should not be used for diagnosis. However, it can serve as an aid in identifying low oxygen saturation. One of the first things to be checked is oxygen saturation. In order to check this value (expressed as a percentage), a so-called oximeter is required. Today they are often referred to as oxygen meters or spirometers.

What is an oxygen meter?

Oxygen is transported in the blood via the red blood cells. Oxygen saturation is measured by checking the amount of hemoglobin in your blood. This is done by measuring how much light is absorbed into your blood. The measurement is in percentages from 0-100%.
Normal oxygenation is between 95-100%.
The measurement is done by placing the oxygen meter on a finger, some meters can also work on an earlobe.

When are oxygen meters used?

Individuals with known lung diseases may have lower oxygenation. Individuals with respiratory tract infections and pneumonia can also experience low oxygenation. This often manifests itself in a strong feeling of fatigue, especially during physical activity. If oxygenation is abnormally low, a short walk can make you feel weak.
In these cases, an oxygen meter can help health professionals make a diagnosis. Today's oxygen meters are very reliable, often with an accuracy of +/-1%.

Quicktest markets a model that is specially adapted for the consumer, i.e. by a person who does not normally have medical training. The technology is derived from the same equipment used in the health care sector, of course our oxygen meter is CE marked. It is under the same control as other medical equipment, so you can be safe with our oxygen meter.

An allergy test gives you answers

An allergy test detects whether your body is reacting to an allergen. Individuals with allergic sensitivity to various substances such as pollen, animal hair, feathers or certain foods have abnormally high levels of IgE (immunoglobulin E) antibodies.

This sensitivity can develop at different stages of life and can affect children, adolescents and adults. The most common symptoms are skin redness, rash, lacrimation, sneezing and edema. These symptoms can be confused with common signs of viral and bacterial infections such as flu and colds. It is therefore important to check for abnormally high IgE levels, especially if you have a family history of allergies. You can buy our popular allergy test here.

Why should I take an allergy test?

By determining that the immunoglobulin E level is higher than normal, the doctor can focus on a more specific investigation for the substances causing the allergic reaction and can prescribe a treatment adapted to the patient.

Many people suffer needlessly, the fact is that hypersensitivity is common, it is easy to get a clear answer and thus the possibility of an examination by an allergist.

This little gadget has received a huge amount of attention in the medical industry. Especially now during pandemics, more general focus on health but also because the interest in self-care has increased.

If you have visited a hospital or health center, you have probably already familiarized yourself with it, here the pulse oximeter is widely used. Especially in cases of suspected pneumonia and respiratory infections.
This machine measures your current oxygen saturation in percentage, the measurement is simple and only takes a few seconds. Place it on your finger and it records your oxygen saturation and pulse.


Questions and answers

How reliable is the pulse oximeter?

The reliability is +/- 1%.

What is normal oxygen saturation?

Normal levels are between 95-100%.

Varför kollar läkaren syremättnad?

To check if the capacity of the lungs is reduced. This can be due to heart failure, infections and lung diseases.

Testing for diabetes is relatively simple.

Today, a simple home test can indicate whether or not there is a reason to go to the doctor. The test is done through a urine sample and the result is read directly so there is no need to send it to a laboratory or similar.

There are different ways to test for diabetes, previously you had to go to the doctor where insulin levels were measured. This is a more advanced form of testing and of course requires advanced equipment. In fact, many health centers have now started using urine dipsticks instead as they are very reliable. Here is our smart home test that you can do yourself, the principle is the same as used in healthcare.

How do you get tested for diabetes?

The Quicktest diabetes test is easy to perform, by urinating on a special test stick, colors appear on the stick. These colors are then compared to a color chart and the result is read. For the test to be reliable, it is of course important to follow all instructions, in case of doubt we have an experienced Leg. Nurse who can answer various questions.

Diabetes is common and it affects more and more people. The reason for this is believed to be changed eating habits and above all that the food and drink we consume today is not optimal. Therefore, more and more people are getting tested; if the disease is detected in time, there are great opportunities to provide the right care and treatment, which in turn leads to a better quality of life.

Note that there are different types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. By testing yourself with our diabetes test, both forms of diabetes can be detected.

So diabetes is a common disease that causes elevated levels of blood sugar (glucose). This condition is called hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Hyperglycemia is caused by reduced/decreased insulin levels or the action of insulin. Insulin is a hormone created in the pancreas and its main task is to control blood sugar levels.

There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1 (insulin dependent), there is no insulin production at all. In type 2, insulin production is reduced or the insulin is not good enough.
When blood sugar levels rise, the kidneys are overloaded, this leads to glucose being present in the urine. Therefore, measuring glucose in the urine with a diabetes test can be used as a tool to diagnose diabetes.

People with diabetes are more likely to develop complications such as retinopathy (retinal disease), blindness, kidney damage, nerve damage and circulatory problems that can lead to heart disease and stroke. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention early on in case of a positive result to prevent these complications.

You can order a diabetes test here, the test is delivered immediately (before 13:00 on weekdays) and arrives within a couple of working days!

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