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We are here for you, and you are always welcome to contact us. Below you will find the most common questions we receive. If you can't find an answer to your question here, you are welcome to contact us by email or phone: +46 42-400 87 00

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Quicktest (Onlinezon AB)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I do the test myself or do I have to send in the test?

You do the test yourself, and you get the results within a few minutes. No need to send anything.

Are your tests a replacement for regular healthcare?

No, our tests should be seen as a supplement to today's healthcare. The tests can quickly give you an answer if something is not right. After that, it is important to seek care for further examination and treatment. If the result is positive, the test can be photographed or taken with you to the health center. According to many customers this has made it easier to get further testing and examination.

Do you have confidentiality?

Yes, Quicktest complies with EU directives regarding the Personal Data Act and we comply with the same laws and regulations regarding confidentiality that exist at Swedish healthcare centers and hospitals.

What do I do if I want to return a test?

If the test is defective or if the product is damaged we will replace it with a new test free of charge. If the instructions have not been followed, we will not replace the test. Always contact us before a possible return to determine whether you are eligible for a new test.

What information do you store about me?

We only save your email address. This can be used if we need to get in touch with you or to send out any invoices. We may also use it to send out information about new products or special promotions. You can easily unsubscribe from these emails.

How reliable are the tests?

Our tests are very reliable. In fact, they are used in healthcare throughout Europe. Our tests are adapted so that they can be used by untrained personnel, but the reliability of the tests themselves is very high. Quicktest's philosophy is that the tests should above all be safe, therefore they are callibrated in favor of "false positive" rather than "false negative". This means that a test can give a result even if there is no disease present. This is for your safety, as our tests do not give negative results if a disease is present. This is a point of pride for us. In other words, you are safe with our tests.

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Phone: +46 42-400 87 00 (Weekdays 10:00-12:00)

Onlinezon AB
Rönnowsgatan 8c 
252 25 Helsingborg SWEDEN
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Organization number: 559020-1470
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