Our Customers' Thoughts

Below, in consultation with the customer, we have published some of the comments we receive daily from our customer service. All comments are coming from our customers or those who have blogged about us.

"I have something very interesting to share with you! Namely Quicktest. These are tests that you do yourself & you get an answer within a few minutes. You don't have to send blood or urine to a lab. In the medical world, this is called IVD (In vitro Diagnostic) which means "test and get an answer immediately". These tests and this technology are used daily in health centres, hospitals and clinics. So it is a proven technique. How convenient!"

Carolina Gynning
"I have done a thyroid test before, but I also did the test in the picture yesterday and, as before, I can rule out a thyroid imbalance, which is great! It was easy to do the home test and it was quick as can be."

Therese Lindgren
"I am a person who does not want to visit the health centre "unnecessarily" for fear of being rejected. I was encouraged to test for thyroid and found this test which showed that I had an elevated TSH. After a doctor's visit, it turned out that my values were really bad and I would probably never have had the courage to contact the health centre if I had not first been confirmed by this test. Today, I am now on medication on the way to getting better. Thanks to a simple home test. The customer service was also very helpful!"
"I finally got tired of persuading my doctor to test my thyroid so I did it myself with your test, the result was positive and my GP finally had to give in and I have now received treatment, I feel great! Had to completely read up and become my own expert on hypothyroidism - scary that it had to go so far though..."

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