Diabetes symptoms

Do you have diabetes? A simple diabetes test gives you a quick answer. With over 99% certainty, you will get a clear answer, and you can do the urine test at home in peace and quiet. Our diabetes test is carried out using a test stick and urine. It is a simple and highly reliable testing procedure that can ultimately save lives.

Diabetes is a hormonal disease that causes an inability to absorb and store sugar in a balanced way, resulting in high levels of sugar in the blood. Today, diabetes affects many people, both children and adults. It is estimated that over half a million people in Sweden suffer from the disease. There is even talk of an epidemic of type 2 diabetes, thought to be caused by a combination of sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in sugar and low in nutrition. Regardless of why you have diabetes, you can use a diabetes test at home to find out in a short period of time if you are indeed suffering from this common disease. There are symptoms that may be due to other causes, which can only be identified if the results are negative. Our diabetes test is very reliable and easy to perform. You can order it directly online and have it sent to your home with fast delivery.

Common symptoms of diabetes

Anyone can get diabetes, some may have it in their family, some may get it through their lifestyle. If your parents have diabetes or if your lifestyle consists of a poor diet combined with low physical activity, you may need to be tested for diabetes regularly. In fact, many people have pre-diabetes without any particular symptoms.
However, you may also experience symptoms of diabetes and you should immediately check if your suspicions are correct. Common symptoms are:

  • Increased thirst
  • You urinate frequently
  • You may feel very hungry
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Wounds that do not heal as usual
  • A feeling of tiredness
  • Foggy or reduced vision

Get a quick answer with a diabetes test

When you don't feel well and suspect you might have diabetes, you want a quick answer. Diabetes can manifest itself in high blood sugar levels and this is something that can be measured with a simple home test. A diabetes home test does not take many minutes to carry out and it is enough to test with urine so you do not need to prick yourself to draw blood. If you are at risk for this disease, it is a good idea to do this type of self-test regularly. Especially if you are making lifestyle changes to lower your blood sugar and you want to check that this is actually happening.

How to test for diabetes at home

The Quicktest diabetes test makes it easy to find out how your blood sugar is doing. You pee in a cup and then dip a dipstick into it. The stick gives you the glucose level and the level of ketones in the urine, which gives a good indication of whether there is reason to suspect diabetes. The test stick does not need to be dipped for more than a few seconds, then you wait up to a minute to read the results. This is easy to do as you get a color scale to follow. Just remember that you need to read the instructions carefully before you start so that you know what to expect and how to do it step by step in the right way.

What to do in case of a positive result?

You can lower glucose levels by eating right and exercising, but if you get a positive result with our diabetes test, it's important to see a doctor. Having high sugar levels does not necessarily mean you have diabetes, but it can be a cause. It is therefore important that you see a doctor for treatment as diabetes can lead to other conditions. If you have the symptoms described above and get a negative result, you should still seek medical attention to find out why you are not feeling well.

You can order our diabetes self-test here on the website. You will get the answer in a few minutes. This is a simple and effective way to take care of your health. And of course you are completely anonymous, your safety is important to us.

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