Environmental Policy

To ensure that we as a company do our part when it comes to the environment, we have created our own environmental policy. This forms the basis of our decisions but also our short-term and long-term working methods.

Environmental vision

Quicktest shall strive and continuously work for an environmentally friendly and climate-sustainable society.

Environmental goals

  • Minimize environmental and climate impact.
  • Circulatory working method of consumables.
  • Minimize the creation of environmentally harmful emissions.
  • Reuse materials where possible.
  • Ongoing training of employees in environmental and climate issues.
  • Where possible, environmentally friendly products and services must be prioritized.
  • Be up-to-date on current environmental laws.
  • Require suppliers to meet our environmental goals.
  • Minimize environmentally harmful modes of transport when travelling.

We have allowed ourselves to be inspired by Google's supply chain, which has been partly used in negotiations with suppliers.

The above must be ensured and verified by management annually.

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