Frequently Asked Questions

Quicktest delivers lots of home tests every month, and we get quite a few questions as well. Below are the most common questions we recieve. Is your question missing? Let us know and we'll add it.

Are the tests really safe?

Yes absolutely. 90% of the technology behind our products is designed for professional healthcare and various laboratories. Our self-tests are derived from these and are basically the same. An important thing that sets them apart is the manuals. Our self-tests are intended for consumers, therefore the manuals are simplified for those without medical training. However, the same strict requirements are placed on function, safety, reliability and EU directives for IVD tests. You therefore get a self-test that meets the same tough requirements as professional healthcare tests.

Do I need to submit any tests to get answers?

No, you don't need to send in blood samples or the like - you do all the tests at home in peace and quiet, you get the answer directly by reading the test results. Do you want to see how a test is done? See our instructional video here.

Am I anonymous when I order from you?

Yes. We do not give out any information whatsoever - regardless of which test you order. The products are sent in discreet packaging. We take your privacy very seriously. We comply with current legislation and therefore have our own privacy policy. We comply with all laws and EU directives. In addition, we have an SSL certificate for extra secure connection. In other words, you can shop safely with us.

Is urine or blood required to do a test?

This depends on which test is being performed. Urine samples are used for the menopause test, urinary tract infection, kidney test and diabetes tests. A blood sample is required for our prostate, thyroid, and Lyme disease tests as well as some others. Take a look at the test you wish to perform and the relevant information is included on the product information page.

I am extremely afraid of needles, will it hurt?

No, the fact is that it really doesn't hurt. However, the fingertip may be slightly sore for 12-24 hours after, but that is completely normal. Sometimes it can be good to let a friend help to take the sample. The prick is over in about 3 milliseconds.

Do you have trained staff who can answer any questions?

Yes, we have a registered nurse who can help if any questions or concerns arise. Of course with confidentiality.

How quickly will I receive my order?

We always ship the same day if you order before 1pm on weekdays. The delivery time varies depending on the mode of transport. If you choose Postnord, delivery normally takes place within 1-3 working days. If you choose Budbee, delivery takes place within 1-2 working days. Orders after 1 p.m. and during public holidays are packed and sent the following weekday.

Can I order from abroad?

Yes, we ship all over Europe. You can also order from our SwedishNorwegian, Danish or Finnish e-commerce storefonts.
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