How Does It Work?

Health tests for everyone - Safe, fast, & easy

Our tests are CE-marked and can be performed by yourself, providing you with an answer within a few minutes. Our tests use the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) technology which is a proven technique used daily in healthcare centers, hospitals, and clinics. Additionally, we offer tests that are sent to labs, such as our Food Intolerance Test.

Our tests indicate whether the results are positive or negative, without showing the amounts of different substances or values. We have also set buffer values for your safety, to ensure that the test does not show a negative result if it is within the buffer value for positive. More information about false negatives and false positives can be found below.

How do you perform a test?

Performing our tests is simple. Regardless of whether it requires urine, stool, or blood, the liquid or faeces must come into contact with the test cassette or test stick/strip. The test then shows whether the result is positive or negative. Our package includes everything you need to perform the test, including a lancet for a finger prick if the test requires blood.

This is how you perform a test that requires blood

(Included in the package is a lancet for finger prick)

1. Prick your finger
2. Drop in test
3. Read the result

Here's how to perform our tests that require urine:
1. Urinate in a clean container.  2. Dip test stick.  3. Read results.

Quicktest Multitest X6


Our tests are safe. In order to understand the definition of reliability, it is important that when IVD tests are evaluated, test labs assume that the user makes mistakes, such as that the user reads test results immediately and not after the set time, reads too late, uses too much or too little urine or blood , or that the test shows positive but is actually negative (this is a very important function that we describe in more detail a little further down). Despite this, our tests results are displayed with approx. 94% to 100% accuracy.

False positive and false negative

A test that shows positive despite being negative does occur, this is called a false positive and is a built-in safety feature. This ensures that a test alerts you even if it is just on the verge of a positive value so a more thorough check can be performed by medically trained staff.
The worst thing that exists in our industry is a false negative, which means that a test shows a negative result even though it should have shown a positive result. This is especially serious when it comes to certain tests such as Lyme disease, thyroid, prostate etc.
We are proud to say that our tests are calibrated in a way that shows more false positives than false negatives.

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