How quickly is iron absorbed in the body in case of iron deficiency?

We need iron to stay healthy. When you have lost a lot of blood or when the gut for various reasons fails to absorb iron from food, it can lead to iron deficiency and then it is important to treat the condition properly.

On the one hand, it is of course that you should review your diet and make sure that you get food that is rich in iron. You can also use dietary supplements to replenish the body's iron stores more quickly. A simple home test provides a quick and reliable answer.

More iron for iron deficiency

When iron deficiency is detected, it may be because you have lost too much blood in a short period of time or because your gut is unable to absorb the iron you are ingesting. It is important to distinguish between two different types of iron: heme iron and non-heme iron. The liver is the organ that stores much of the body's iron.

Heme iron is found in animal products and the gut can absorb 25% of this iron supplement. Non-haem iron is found in plant products and the gut absorbs 5-10% of this. When you need to increase the amount of iron in your body quickly, you should, if possible, choose to eat more meat while taking supplements and increasing your intake of plant foods that are high in iron.

If you want to increase your gut's ability to handle the iron and convert it into the form your body needs, you should also make sure to combine your iron intake with vitamin C. So, a glass of juice right after a piece of meat is a very good idea. A glass of juice immediately after a piece of meat is therefore a very good idea. In fact, this way you can get your gut to absorb 4 times more iron than it would otherwise, making recovery much faster.

Whether it will take days or weeks to get the amount of iron you need to stop iron deficiency symptoms is not easy to say. This depends a lot on how severe the iron deficiency is and how quickly you change your diet. If there is no change despite using iron supplements and eating more animal-based foods, it is important to get professional help to investigate whether there are underlying health problems that lead to the deficiency and the body's inability to recover.

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