Oxygen meters

We are very proud and happy to present a CE-marked oxygen meter at Quicktest! But what is this device actually called? Is it an oxygen meter or is it an oximeter, pulse oximeter? We have chosen to call it "oxygen meter". However, the correct term is pulse oximeter as it also measures your heart rate.

We at Quicktest believe that an oxygen meter can become almost as common as a regular thermometer, the oxygen meter provides important information. If you have had pneumonia or other respiratory infections, you know how reduced oxygen uptake affects you. Oxygen uptake is often measured during contact with e.g. health centers and medical care. It is therefore an important marker for healthcare professionals.

You can buy an oxygen meter here.

In these corona times, we have received many questions about oxygen meters, many are concerned and we want to be clear that an oxygen meter should not be used for diagnosis. However, it can serve as an aid in identifying low oxygen saturation. One of the first things to be checked is oxygen saturation. In order to check this value (expressed as a percentage), a so-called oximeter is required. Today they are often referred to as oxygen meters or spirometers.

What is an oxygen meter?

Oxygen is transported in the blood via the red blood cells. Oxygen saturation is measured by checking the amount of hemoglobin in your blood. This is done by measuring how much light is absorbed into your blood. The measurement is in percentages from 0-100%.
Normal oxygenation is between 95-100%.
The measurement is done by placing the oxygen meter on a finger, some meters can also work on an earlobe.

When are oxygen meters used?

Individuals with known lung diseases may have lower oxygenation. Individuals with respiratory tract infections and pneumonia can also experience low oxygenation. This often manifests itself in a strong feeling of fatigue, especially during physical activity. If oxygenation is abnormally low, a short walk can make you feel weak.
In these cases, an oxygen meter can help health professionals make a diagnosis. Today's oxygen meters are very reliable, often with an accuracy of +/-1%.

Quicktest markets a model that is specially adapted for the consumer, i.e. by a person who does not normally have medical training. The technology is derived from the same equipment used in the health care sector, of course our oxygen meter is CE marked. It is under the same control as other medical equipment, so you can be safe with our oxygen meter.

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