Oxygen Saturation Monitor

This little gadget has received a huge amount of attention in the medical industry. Especially now during pandemics, more general focus on health but also because the interest in self-care has increased.

If you have visited a hospital or health center, you have probably already familiarized yourself with it, here the pulse oximeter is widely used. Especially in cases of suspected pneumonia and respiratory infections.
This machine measures your current oxygen saturation in percentage, the measurement is simple and only takes a few seconds. Place it on your finger and it records your oxygen saturation and pulse.


  • Measure on the same finger
    Rest for a few minutes before measuring
  • Record results (can be good information for doctors)

Questions and answers

How reliable is the pulse oximeter?

The reliability is +/- 1%.

What is normal oxygen saturation?

Normal levels are between 95-100%.

Varför kollar läkaren syremättnad?

To check if the capacity of the lungs is reduced. This can be due to heart failure, infections and lung diseases.

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